Nevada Land and Acreage For Sale


Nevada land and acreage for sale has been of interest to settlers, developers and investors dating back to the 1800s. The United States acquired what is now the State of Nevada from Mexico in 1848 through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago. That same year, a Mormon Trading Post near the town of Genoa, located approximately 42 miles south of Reno in Douglas County, marked the first permanent settlement established on Nevada land. The discovery of the richest known U.S. Silver Deposit happened under what is now Virginia City in 1859. Although Nevada land and Acreage had already belonged to the U.S. for over 15 years, it did not become the 36th State until October 31, 1864. Its State Constitution made history as the most expensive telegraph ever sent after being telegraphed to Washington. Additionally, the telegraph was timed to ensure Abraham Lincoln three additional electoral votes in his reelection bid that same year.


Nevada is the seventh largest state covering 70,745,000 acres of land. While driving through the vast open areas of Nevada one may think there must be a nearly endless amount of Nevada land and acreage for sale. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The amount of Nevada land and acreage for sale is actually very tiny in comparison to how much Nevada land there is. According to information/studies used to research the ownership of Nevada land and acreage it breaks down as follows:

  • Private Property- a mere 7.7% to a high of 11.5%
  • Federal Government - 86.1% to a high of 91.9%
  • Tribal Lands - 1.6%
  • State Government - 0.4%
  • Local Government - 0.4%

If we generously use the highest percentage of private property, 11.5%, this means that only 8,135,744 acres are available for private ownership. Considering the vastness of Nevada while driving through the state, or viewing it on a map, it is difficult to comprehend that a mere 11.5% of the state is privately owned. At, we fortunately own a small portion of Nevada's land and acreage and are offering it for sale to the public. We offer a low price per acre (from $200.00 per acre), low down payments, owner financing and No Qualifying loans.