Final Close Out!! Last Parcel Available in this Project!!!! 10.06 ACRES TEEPEE RANCHES, TEXAS - PROPERTY ID: #TP-03-A-267 - $17,990 / $990.00 DOWN

Final Close Out!! Last Parcel Available in this Project!!!! 10.06 ACRES TEEPEE RANCHES, TEXAS - PROPERTY ID: #TP-03-A-267 - $17,990 / $990.00 DOWN

18 Final Close Out!! Last Parcel Available in this Project!!!! 10.06 ACRES TEEPEE RANCHES, TEXAS - PROPERTY ID: #TP-03-A-267 - $17,990 / $990.00 DOWN Acreage4less


LAST OPPORTUNITY ONLY ONE FINAL Remaining 10.06 Acre parcel available in this project!!!  10.06 ACRES TEEPEE RANCHES, TEXAS - PROPERTY ID: #TP-03-A-267 -

Note: Power runs thru this parcel

Price & Terms: $17,990.00 / $990 Down Payment.

Balance of $17,000.00 is payable $175.00 Per Month with interest at the rate of 8.0% APR. Loan is amortized approximately 163 Months. No Prepayment, No Balloon Payment.

Contact: Sam Mills at (714) 667-7870
or email at

Selling 10+ acre parcels located near Highway 10, just 8 miles West of Sierra Blanca in beautiful Hudspeth County Texas
FINAL Parcel!


Located just 8 miles to the West of Sierra Blanca, and 80 miles South/South-East of El Paso astride Interstate 80. This property is truly a part of the "OLD WEST". Sierra Blanca was named after Sierra Blanca Mountain, just North-West of town. The town came into existence when competing railroads for a second (Southern) transcontinental railroad line came within 10 miles of one another in 1881. Jay Gould, famous railroad magnate and robber baron, drove a silver spike commemorating the event on Dec. 15th 1881. The town sprang up around that spot, although the population didn't reach 350 people until 1914. It is best described as grazing land that is flat to slightly sloping terrain covered with desert sagebrush and grasses. This acreage is raw unimproved land without publicly maintained roads. Some utilities in the area or that cross part of the ranches include electric, and telephone.


Use the property to camp, hunt (hunting in the area includes big horn sheep, mule deer, javalina, mountain lion, antelope, quail and dove), hike, horseback ride, ATV, vacation, star gaze, build a residence/ranch, hold as an asset for future speculation purposes, or pass it on to the children/ grandchildren, or just to say you own a piece of the great American West, where Blue Skies and Majestic Clouds are common: As they say, "LAND; THEY AREN'T MAKING ANY MORE OF IT!!!


As of 8/2008 there are NO COUNTY ZONING RESTRICTIONS on the property. You can build a Ranch / Home, Install a Mobile Home or Commercial Building or simply use it as a camping site when you are in the area. However, as is the case with any city, county or State in the United States you must comply with all permit requirements, building regulations, etc. that may be required by government agencies, prior to building any structures. Keep in mind that this is raw acreage and there are no homeowner services of any kind on the property.


There is LEGAL access to the ranch via Lasca Road, and legal access to each parcel. We are also reserving easements for utility access to each parcel that does not currently have electric on the property.

Property surveys:

Parcels 1 thru 26 are surveyed and the corners of each parcel marked as of 08/2007. Some pins were set in various points. Please see the Plat / Subdivision Map for location and type of pins/rods that were set by the surveyor.


The owner of the property has the right to drill a water well . Although we DO NOT guarantee the success of a well or the quality of water, based on well drillers in the area it appears water is found around the 150 to 900 ft depth. For information, we suggest you contact well drillers that perform their services in that area.


Currently a single power pole runs thru parcels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 22, 24 & 26. (See the Subdivision Map for exact locations) No individual meters have been set. An easement has been reserved across the parcels that have the existing electric line. to insure the other parcels that do not currently have power will be able to bring power to their property in the most efficient manner.

Mineral Rights:

All Mineral Rights have been previously reserved by other owner(s)


Propane is probably your best option.


You must install a septic system. We have not had any percolation tests performed on any of the parcels and do not know if the soil conditions are suitable.


Hudspeth County:

Hudspeth County in the Trans-Pecos region of far-western Texas, is bordered by New Mexico to the north, the Mexican state of Chihuahua to the south, El Paso County to the west, and Culberson and Jeff Davis counties to the east. Sierra Blanca, the county seat, is seventy miles southeast of El Paso in south central Hudspeth County. The county's center lies at approximately 31°32' north latitude and 105°28' west longitude, about twenty-four miles northwest of Sierra Blanca. Interstate Highway 10 and U.S. Highway 80 cross southern Hudspeth County from east to west, and U.S. highways 62 and 180 cross northern Hudspeth County from east to west. The Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads both enter southeastern Hudspeth County and meet at Sierra Blanca, from which point the latter line continues west to El Paso. The county covers 4,566 square miles of terrain in the Rio Grande basin that varies from mountainous to nearly level, with elevations ranging from 3,200 to 7,500 feet above sea level. Sierra Blanca, with 700 residents in 1990, is the county seat and most populous town, Dell City, with a population of 569, has assumed almost equal importance in local affairs. The annual Hudspeth County Fair is held there every September.

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