Nevada 80.74 ACRES (SOLD!!!) LOCATED IN THE BATTLE MOUNTAIN AREA OF LANDER COUNTY - $49,995 / $1,000 Down - ID# BMTR-10-561-472

Nevada 80.74 ACRES (SOLD!!!) LOCATED IN THE BATTLE MOUNTAIN AREA OF LANDER COUNTY - $49,995 / $1,000 Down - ID# BMTR-10-561-472

31 Nevada 80.74 ACRES (SOLD!!!) LOCATED IN THE BATTLE MOUNTAIN AREA OF LANDER COUNTY - $49,995 / $1,000 Down - ID# BMTR-10-561-472 Acreage4less



PROPERTY ID: #BMTR-10-561-472 (APN 010-440-67)

Legal Description: Parcel 10 of the Map of Division into Large Parcels within Section 22, Township 31 North, Range 45 East, MDBM recorded Document # 0244291 on 08/28/2006 Bk 561 Page 472, Lander County, NV

Price Per Acre: $619.21
Price and Terms: $49,995.00.
Down Payment of $1,000.00. Balance of $48,995.00 payable at $489.00 Per Month 8.0% APR Loan is amortized approximately 166 months.


Contact: Sam Mills at (714) 667-7870
or email at


Currently selling 40, 80, and 160 acre parcels located just a few miles south of Battle Mountain Nevada.


This Nevada land for sale is located south of existing homes in Battle Mountain, Nevada to approximately 5 miles south of Battle Mountain & Interstate 80.

This land has been a part of a cattle ranching operation for many years. It is best described as grazing land that is flat to slightly sloping terrain covered with desert sagebrush and grasses. This acreage is raw unimproved land without publicly maintained roads. Some utilities in the area or that cross part of the ranches, include electric, telephone and gas.

This property is truly a part of the "OLD WEST". Known as Nevada Cowboy Country and Gateway to Nevada’s Outback, our Nevada land for sale was settled in 1870 due to a couple of important factors; the discovery of Silver in 1862, about 93 miles south of Battle Mountain, Nevada and the Central Pacific Railroad announced in 1867, that the soon-to-be-constructed railroad tracks for the Transcontinental Railroad would follow the Humboldt River. Battle Mountain is the County Seat for Lander County and is a small town of about 3,000 people. Although small in size, they enjoy a variety of resources and activities throughout the area. Outdoor activities include big game and bird hunting, fishing, ATV & motocross track, race car track, mountain bike trail, state park, tennis courts, 9 hole golf course, livestock events center, (Rodeos are a mainstay), the World Famous Annual World Human Powered Speed Challenge, held in September, The Annual Pony Express Open Road Car Race which is held in July of each year and the annual Lander County Fair.


Use the property to camp, hunt (rabbits & coyotes), hike, horseback ride, vacation, star gaze, build a residence/ranch, hold as an asset for future speculation purposes, or pass it on to the children/ grandchildren, or just to say you own a piece of the great American West, where Blue Skies and Majestic Clouds are common.



The property is zoned Agricultural (A-3), which allows, AMONG OTHER USES, Single Family Dwellings (manufactured or permanent), Ranching, Farms- the raising on a commercial scale, poultry, rabbits, livestock, game ranches, commercial livestock operations, dairies, kennels, garden/tree nurseries and Dude/guest ranches. Building requirements/restrictions are set by governmental agencies and must be complied with. Contact Lander County for the requirements and restrictions on building and zoning.


There is insurable / legal access from a public road. Although there is recorded access / easements / right of way across the lands, an actual road may or MAY NOT exist. If there is no road to the property, you have the right to blade/construct a road over/across the recorded easements.

Property surveys:

Parcels have been marked / staked as of August 2004 in Phase I, November 2005 in phase II, and August 2006 in phase III. The parcels in the ranch were all divided/created by a County Approved and Recorded Map. Although all of the parcels have been recently marked/staked, over the course of time the survey markers tend to become covered by dirt, overgrown with vegetation or maybe destroyed.


The owner of the property has the right to drill a domestic water well (maximum usage 1800 gallons per day). NO ag / commercial water rights are available. Although we DO NOT guarantee the success of a well or the quality of water, based on the state published reports of wells drilled in the area it appears water is found around the 100 to 200 ft depth. For information, we suggest you contact well drillers that perform their services in that area. Please use the following link for detailed water information: Nevada Water District website.

Mineral Rights:

All Mineral Rights have been previously reserved by other owner(s).

Property Taxes:

Property taxes are currently less than $200.00 per year for an entire 160 acre parcel, but may be subject to reassessment. Property tax calculations are fixed by Nevada state law.




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